The salmon is the fish Iceland is world-famous for. Each year thousands of flyfishermen travel to the island in order to enjoy the fine Atlantic salmon fishing Iceland has to offer. The rivers are numerous and they are spread all over the country. Many of these can be fished with single-handed rods, the bigger ones as well with two-handers or switch rods. Some of the Icelandic salmon rivers belong to the best in the world, and normally there are first class lodges included. There are as well cheaper rivers with self-catered lodges though, if you do want to fish on your own.
The salmon fishing in Iceland differs to other countries by the number of fish caught and the exclusivity of the fishing. Several salmon per rod per day is nothing unusual, which means that salmon beginners can succeed quickly. For example this happened to one of my groups in 2012 on the Húseyjarkvísl, where they caught 17 fish up to 93cm on three rods in three days, despite difficult conditions.  Most of the salmon rivers are limited in the number of rods, and the rods rotate through the beats.  Often included in the packages are experienced guides, who ensure the success of the flyfishermen.
We will be adding more and more rivers here, however we’d like to start with the world-famous  Vatnsdalsá, the amazing Húseyjarkvísl, the stunningly beautiful Haukadalsá and finally yet another one of the best Icelandic salmon rivers, the Laxá in Leirarsveit.



With our contacts we are able to offer you not only access to the rivers described below, but also to many more.
To mention a few, we can arrange fishing as well in Nordurá, Langá, Thverá, Kjarrá, Vididalsá, the Rangás etc.

Also for the flyfishermen traveling on a smaller budget we can offer salmon options which really can be recommended.

Please contact us with your preferences regarding our salmon fishing trip to Iceland.


The Vatnsdalsá is one of the most famous and best salmon rivers in Iceland. Each year salmon over 100cm are caught, and besides that also the average fish is bigger than in many other rivers.  In the Five-Year-Average 1100 salmon are caught per year. Not only the fishing is great, also the surroundings are breathtaking. The river is located 220km away from Reykjavík, the whole fishing here is based on C&R. Besides salmon you can expect to also catch seatrout, brown trout and arctic char. Included in the packages are the finest and most experienced salmon guides in Iceland, who know the river like the back of their hands.
The river is fished with 6 to 8 rods on 20km of length. This stretch is separated into three different beats. Mostly, floating lines and small flies, often hitch tubes, are fished on single-handed or light double-handed rods.
On the banks of the river there is a luxurious, fullservice lodge called Flóðvangur. Top-chefs are preparing the meals for the anglers, and also the lodge itself is upper class. Fishermen can enjoy a dip in the Hot Tub, the steam bath or might use the proprietary Four-Hole-golf course. The lodge offers ten double rooms with private bath rooms, which are all of a very high standard.
Normally it is almost impossible to get spots on this river as it is booked long times in advance. If you would like to swing a fly here, please drop us an email as soon as possible in order to reserve your stay.
Attached a few pictures of the Vatnsdalsá, it’s salmon and Flóðvangur:



The Huseyjarkvisl is located approx. 300km north-west of Reykjavik in the Skagafjordur district. This part of Iceland is well-known as the setting of many of the Icelandic sagas of the 12th century, which means there is a lot to discover besides fishing. The river was almost run down ten years ago by taking too much fish. The new leaseholder issued a strict C&R policy, and ever since the fishing got better and better. The “Huso” offers three salmon beats each measuring several km in length (9km in total). The river is perfect for single handed fishing and using the Hitchtube, which the salmon hit violently… The salmon beats have the perfect current for flyfishing, and each of the three anglers allowed there has plenty of space for fishing. The annual catch rate in the Five-Year-Average is 208 salmon per year.
The lodge on the banks of the Huso offers three double rooms and a Hot Tub for relaxation after the fishing. Guides are included in the packages. The guests can either choose between self-catering of fullboardservice.
Besides the sightseeing mentioned above there are also possibilities for riverrafting, horseback-riding, etc., so also non-fishing partners or families have enough to do and to discover.

In 2012 our guests were blown-away by the Húseyjarkvísl, and the international demand of fishing in this river grows from year to year. This river probably offers the most value for it’s money in Iceland. Therefore we recommend early booking.

Attached a few pictures of the Húseyjarkvísl, it’s salmon and the lodge:









The Haukadalsá-river is yet another example of Iceland’s top salmon rivers. It is located on Iceland’s west coast in the Dalasýsla-district, approximately 150km from Reykjavík. The river has been leased to Swiss fishermen for a long time, who only fished there by themselves and their friends. From the 2013 season onwards there are new leaseholders which now open the river to other flyfishermen; they also renovated the lodge. The river flows from the lake Haukadalsvatn through the Haukadalur-valley, which is stunningly beautiful. Often you will find yourself in small canyons, which are easily accessible though (see pictures).
The season starts on June 10th and lasts until September 15th. The river is fished with a strict fly-only-policy, and with 5 rods maximum on it’s 8km of length. The river is divided into 5 Beats and 40 Pools. The 5-year average catch rate is 894 salmon per year. Typically this river is fished with light single-handed rods, floating lines and small flies; often these will be hitch tubes and this river is suited perfectly for surface fishing for atlantic salmon.

The lodge on the banks of the river has been renovated for the season 2013 and is located on one of the best pools of the river. You can literally watch the salmon go up the river or fish the pool with a few casts before dinner is served. The lodge offers 5 double-bed rooms with en-suite facilities and also offers a Hot Tub. Almost all beats of the Haukadalsá river can be reached on-foot from the lodge.
We are very happy to be able to offer this river to our clients from the season 2013 onwards. Attached a few pictures of this beautiful salmon river.



The Laxá in Leirarsveit is one of Iceland’s top-10 salmon rivers. The river is only a short one hour drive away from Reykjavík. The season starts here on June 20th and closes on September 20th. The fishing stretch is measuring 14km in length, 7 rods per day are permitted. The 45 pools are located in seven beats, which offer diverse fishing conditions. Every flyfisherman encounters many varieties of salmon pools here. On average 1000 salmon are caught each season, which weigh around 3kg. However, the last years more and more multi-seawinter-fish were caught, which means there are good chances to catch bigger fish over 8kg. As well as on the Húseyjarkvísl, single-handed rods and hitch tubes work well here. The gin-clear water makes it easy to spot the salmon, which can then be approached on sight. The river is located in beautiful Icelandic scenery which is a bonus to the great fishing.
The Laxá lodge offers eight double rooms, and fullboard is included there as well as a Hot Tub.

Attached a few pictures of the Laxá in Leirarsveit: