Rainbows at Lago Strobel – Jurassic Lake

Everybody wanting to catch large and wild rainbow trout encounters Lago Strobel aka Jurassic Lake at a certain point in time. This 65 square kilometres big, ginclear lake of the province Santa Cruz in Argentina offers its inhabitants fantastic living conditions. Due to the food source the trout grow to large specimen, which makes Lago Strobel in the eyes of may flyfishermen in the world to the best destination for rainbows there is. Being a pukka destination the guest is offered not only great fishing – the Flora & Fauna of Patagonia, an exclusive Lodge mit typical Argentine, handpicked menus and the biggest access to this great fishing (see below).

pukka destinations and the Estancia Laguna Verde welcome you at Lago Strobel!



Lago Strobel offers the flyfisherman the possibility to catch the trout of his lifetime. The fishing itself is very diverse, i.e. Streamerfishing, nymphing and even dry fly fishing is possible (sometimes even with mice patterns, if you want to call that dry fly…). The season starts in November and lasts until mid of April; during the whole time the fishing is very stable.

Fight@ Lago Strobel

One factor every guest as to take into account though is wind. The wind can be extreme here, and when it happens there are places no fishable anymore. However, we do have access to some fantastic bays which are sheltered and the fishing there is great. To name a few: Monsters Bay, Camelot Bay or Dry Fly Bay are some of these bays, which are located within the 12 km of our access to Lago Strobel. If possible, we extend the area even by using boats and skiffs.

Who needs more diversity also has the possibility to fish Moro Creek. This spring creek flows through the 15 smaller lakes of our Estancia (which can be fished from shore or by boat as well). Particularly in spring and summer guests find great fishing for rainbows as well as brownies and brook trout.

Even more fishing diversity can be found on the banks of the Río Barrancoso aka Jurassic River – the only tributary to Lago Strobel. We have access to 8km of the river up to it’s last metres before it enters the lake – here fishing is prohibited according to Argentinean law. Three sections with two beats each guarantee great fishing in Río Barrancoso.


Access to the fishing our guests either get through 4 wheel drive trucks and / or ATVs, which are used to drive rather close to the waters. One guide is taking care of two anglers.


The lodge is located in the south of Lago Strobel. It accomodates up to 10 persons. 6 double rooms with en-suite bathrooms and two single beds guarantee that our guests feel home.

The living room is very comfortable and guests can relax here at the after-fishing with a cold beer, a glas of wine or a cocktail. Communication possibilities exist in form of a satellite phone and complimentary Wi-Fi.

The cuisine of the lodge is typical Argentine, the meals are prepared by a great chef. Different cultures have influenced it and the best of all of this is the basis for the fullboard in the lodge. Each of our guests will be able to try several fantastic dishes during his stay.

Typically a day begins with a nice and energy-rich breakfast in the lodge, i.e. coffee, tea, fruit juices, cheeses, milk, yoghurts, eggs, freshly baked bread, croissants, marmelades etc.
At lunch, depending on where you are fishing, a barbecue ‚al disco’ is served, or cheese and tapas on the banks of Río Barrancoso. At Lago Strobel there are special lunch break huts / tables, where guests will be served the freshly cooked lunch. Here they can also make a siesta after fishing.

In the afternoon, tea, coffee & Mate tea are served, together with sandwiches, cookies and Alfajores.

After the fishing the excellent dinner is prepared. While doing this, the guests relax in the living room or exchange the news of the great fishing day. Starters normally are ‚tablas de fiambres‘, i.e. several regional cheeses made from cow, goat- and sheep milk, ham, dried fillet steak, Salamis, wild boar chorizos, olives from Mendoza etc.
After that, guests enjoy typical main coarses like the fantastic “asado pampeano”, “cordero patagonico” (lamb), “empanadas mendocinas”, “fattas in casa” (homemade pasta) as well as additional vegetarian – and fish dishes.

Dinner in Lodge

With all dishes, wine from the areas of Mendoza, San Juan, Salta and Neuquén is served; these normally are Malbecs, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlots. Furthermore, our guests will be able to try a Tannat and white wines like the Torrontés.

Dessert normally are fresh fruits with local and international specialities. After dessert coffee, tea, brandies, licors and whiskeys are served at the bar in the living room.

In order to make the great service even better, the lodge has included s small flyshop just in case you need anything.


The combination of great fishing for large rainbows, the fantastic kitchen of the Estancia Laguna Verde and the biggest possible access to this spectacular waters make pukka Argentina and Lago Strobel so unique.

We are looking forward to your enquiry!


In relation to the RISE Flyfishing Film Festival we have created a special package for the first booking to Lago Strobel. The first booking receives a discount of 10%. More information here.