pukka ICELAND: „Gold“

… that’s how the salmon fishing can be summarised on the Húseyjarkvísl right now. The salmon runs are pouring in everywhere in Iceland, but the Huso seems to be special again.
Since it’s opening on June 24th almost 80 fish were landed on the 2 rods, the majority of those were multi seawinter fish.
Only in the last three days 16 salmon were landed, several lost (yesterday 6 fish). The new group which started fishing in the afternoon today already got 6 salmon, one over 90cm. In the last 6 days 6 fish over 90cm were caught.  Plus all the fish which attack the hitchtubes without striking them, and the jumping fish all over.
All of this proves the thesis that the Húseyjarkvísl is one of the salmon rivers in Iceland offering the best value for money. Everybody considering a trip in 2014 is recommended to book as early as possible in autumn this year – I expect the demand to be increasing very much.

If you want to go this year (remember the pools are packed with salmon right now), there still is a 2 days slot available, for two rods from August 3rd to August 5th. More information.


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