Estancia Maria Behety

pukka ARGENTINA is online!

We are very happy to announce our new destination, pukka Argentina. This country is a must-have in our program and is considered to be one of the meccas of a trout fisherman.
In Patagonia and the land of fire there are several lodges. We have been looking for offerings which have the same philosophy like we do: authentic (the local culture is an important factor in each trip), fantastic & stable fishing throughout the whole season and high quality lodges was what we wanted for our new destination. If you are traveling to Argentina, it might be one of the big trips in yur flyfishing life. All of this you’ll either find in Patagonia at Strobel Lake (better known as Jurassic lake) or in the land of fire on the banks of THE sea-run brown trout river, the Río Grande. The Estancias we are working with, have the largest access to both waters. Local and international flyfishermen are sure that these lodges are amongst the best in Argentina, if they are not the best.
More information you’ll find at the detailed pages of pukka ARGENTINA and of course through direct contact to us.
PS: Related to the RISE Flyfishing Film Festival 2014 the first booking to Jurassic Lake receives a discount of 10%; Details here.


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