Flyfishing for the largest rainbows and sea-run brown trout in Patagonia and Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina

The country
Argentina is a country in South America and the eighth biggest in the whole world. On an area of 2780400 square kilometres approximately 40 million inhabitants are living. In the capital, Buenos Aires, 13 Millionen of these have their homes. All the important institutions can be found here, and the city is the cultural center of the country. The city itself feels a bit European in many parts of it, and is always worth a short trip.
Argentina measures 3694km from north to south, resulting in many different climatic zones. For the flyfisherman particularly interesting is the north with ist Dorado fishery. However Argentina became famous for flyfishing through the possibilities found in Patagonia. Patagonia is called the part of the country which is found south of the Río Colorado and north of the Street of Magellan. Hundreds of fantastic alkes and rivers can be found here. South of the Street of Magellan you’ll find a group of islands called the Tierra Del Fuego (The Land Of Fire), and here the flyfisherman finds the best fishing for sea-run browns our planet has to offer.


The fishing
As written before, Argentina offers hundreds of great waters to the flyfisher. If you are taking the efforts of the long journey, we think you should do it mainly for two reasons: the gigantic and wild rainbow trout of Lago Strobel (better known as Jurassic Lake) and for the biggest sea-run browns of our planet, which gather yearly in the Río Grande.

A few years ago, Lago Strobel was discovered in the heart of Patagonia. Oustanding was (and still is) the sizes and the amounts of large fish, which grow so well due to the immense food sources the lake is providing. Fish weighing several pounds are normal, and specimen over 20 pounds are caught frequently. Combine this with diverse fishing methods (dry-fly, streamer, sometimes even mouse imitations are fished), a huge area of access to the lake, additional waters like the Río Barrancoso (Jurassic River) as well as the best and most comfortable lodge on Lago Strobel, and you’ll quickly understand why Estancia Laguna Verde is by far the best option interested fishermen have. We are very happy being able to offer this fishery to our clients.

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Detailed information regarding the packages can be found here, which are available as 3 days fishing and 6 days fishing options.


The name Río Grande might sound familiar with many flyfishermen, particularly if you love to catch sea-run brown trout. Since the movies of Henrik Mortensen most people have heard and seen about the huge trout of Tierra Del Fuego.
According to the University Of Montana, each year thousands of trout run this river. At the beginning of the season, the majority has already spread over the numerous pools, and with every tide there are more of these silver bullets in the Río Grande. Several fish on a day are nothing unusual, and also specimen over 20 pounds, sometimes even 30 pounds are landed.
On the river there are several lodges. After having spoken to many experienced flyfishermen as well as local guides we have chosen to offer the best package at the Río Grande which is around. The Estancia Maria Behety and La Villa de Maria Behety offer all what makes up a pukka destination: great fishing, comfortable to luxurious lodges, local specialities as well as contact with the local culture make the packages so great.

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Both destinations can be easily combined. 6 days of fishing on the Río Grande combined with 3 days of fishing on the Lago Strobel make up for the ultimate dream trip every flyfisher should experience at least once.


Travel to Argentina
In order to fish the Lago Strobel and / or Río Grande, you have to fly into Buenos Aires. From there you have to take a domestic flight (depending on the departure times you might need a night in Buenos Aires), which will take you further south.

If case you are fishing on Lago Strobel only, you fly close to three and a half hours to Calafate.
The same is applicable if you fly into Río Grande for fishing the river of the same name.
If you have chosen to combine the two destinations, the flight time from Calafate to Río Grande takes one hour 15.