Sea-run brown trout on the Río Grande

Besides the gigantic rainbows of Lago Strobel, Argentina and here particularly The Land Of Fire is well-kown for its outstanding sea-run brown trout fishing. In Tierra Del Fuego there are a few rivers with a run of these large trout, and the Río Grande is probably the river which is most famous amongst flyfishermen.
The fishery is private and access to the river is only possible through the land owners by the so-called Estancias. There are several ones on the banks of the Río Grande, and we are particularly happy to be able to offer our clients the best fishing on the Río Grande together with the best lodges:

pukka destinations and the Estancia Maria Behety as well as La Villa de Maria Behety welcome you in Tierra del Fuego & on the Río Grande!


The Estancia Maria Behety consists of 1100 square kilometres of land. Part of this land are the best parts of the Río Grande. These can be reached within a few minues from the lodges; the Estancia Maria Behety Lodge lies very remote, approximately in 30km of distance from the entry to the Estancia.
All guests are accomodated in doube rooms (single rooms can be booked optionally as well), which offer very comfortable beds, en-suite baths and alcoves for the tackle. The season on the river lasts 14 weeks (January, February, March, half of April) and the fishing is very constant. The guides as well as the employees of the lodge all are Argentines in order to make your stay as good and authentic as possible.
As rods of this great fishing are limited, we recommend early enquiries and bookings. Guests which have been there in one year, have the first pick right in the following year. If they refuse to book again, the rods are offered to other fishermen. In May we usually have information about free rods, and with a bit of flexibility the probability of getting a rod is quite good.


EMB & La Villa

The sea-run brown trout of the Río Grande start their run mid to end of November. From the beginning of January approximately 80% of the annual run are in the river, which means roughly 1000 fish per mile. The beats of the Estancia consist of 50km length with 102 pools; the Estancia Maria Behety is the only lodge on the northern banks of the Río Grande. On the southern banks there are four other lodges, and pool rotation is done with these.
According to a study of the University Of Montana each year around 70.000 fish are running this river. Relatively few of these are caught on the rods, which means the fishing quality always is great and stable.
The fishing itself is very diverse; Streamer, nymphs and wet flies fished in the swing are used most often. However, particularly the dry-fly is used more and more. If you are lucky enough to hook one of these silver torpedos, you can be sure it’ll be a long fight. Many people before have said these are strongest and biggest trout in the world. On average the trout weigh a bit more than 9 pounds, one in five fish normally is over 15 pounds, and one in fifty is the 20 or more pounder.
Under normal circumstances several fish per day can be expected by the angler. Two anglers share a guide, a car and a beat, which usually consists of two to four pools.

EMB, Gigantische Meerforelle

Part of the Estancia are two lodges. The first is the Estancia Maria Behety Lodge, the second is the luxurious La Villa de Maria Behety.
Estancia Maria Behety Lodge is located on a small hill from which anglers have a great view over the Río Grande and the Andean Cordillera. The lodge was created in a Patagonian style of the 19th century, and was opened in 1999. The lodge offers 8 double bedrooms, so in maximum 16 people find their place here. The maximum of fishermen however is limited to 12 people. Optional you can book a single room for a little supplement. Each room has two comfortable beds, private bath etc. Per two double bed rooms there is a meeting room, which you can use for preparing the day, relaxation etc.
The living room of Estancia Maria Behety Lodge is very bright with a lot of natural light. The bar where Argentine wine, beer and licors are served as well as the chimney invite our guests to stay.
The dining room is next door and here are all meals served. Breakfast usually is taken at 7am in the morning. Part of it are fresh fruits, juices, dairy products, cereal, toasts or American with eggs, omeletts and ham.
At noon a typical Argentine meal is created, incl. good wines, desserts and coffee or tea. A well-earned siesta prepares you for the second half of the fishing day.
As the fishing goes on until the evening and guests arrive late in the lodge, the dinner usually is lighter than the lunch.
A room for smokers, a computer with Internet access as well as a small shop with souvenirs and fishing tackle make the offer of Estancia Maria Behety Lodge perfect.

Villa de Maria Behety is by far the most comfortable lodge on the Río Grande. Completely renovated, it offers space for up to six anglers and non-anglers which are accomodated in single rooms.
Part of the lodge is a wine cellar with more than 9000 bottles, single rooms, Hot Tub, as well as a billard room. If you want to fish and sleep in one of the best and most luxurious lodges of Argentina, look no further than La Villa de María Behety.

La Villa de María Behety

The fantastic, stable flyfishing for gigantic sea-run brown trout, the longest access to the Rio Grande, combined with some if not the most comfortable lodges in Argentina, make the Estancia Maria Behety so unique.We are looking forward to your enquiry for this fantastic fishery for huge, silver seatrout.

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