Flyfishing for Grayling, Brown Trout, Arctic Char, Salmon, Pike and Perch in Swedish Lapland

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The country Swedish Lapland is also known as the Alaska of Europe, for a good reason. 20km north of the polar circle you will find a magnificent landscape, extending on more than 20.000 squarekilometres. Many locals are Sami people, the natives of Lapland, who live mainly from their reindeers. They have also formed the culture of this place. The remaining inhabitants either live from tourist activities or from the iron ore mine in the center of Kiruna. The climate in Lapland can be extreme. In the short summer you can experience temperatures of more than 20 degrees Celsius, in the winter the it drops down to minus 40 degrees. The vegetation changes with the height where you are: you find conifer forests around Kiruna, the higher you go less trees will be found. Several hundert metres height above sea level you only find the small birch trees of the Fjäll and some smaller bushes. Typical animals to be found here are the reindeers, which are breeded by the Sami people. Furthermore, you find moose, brown bears, wolfs, lynxes as well as polar – and red foxes. The ecosystem is protected by national reserves.
The flyfishing in summer is characterised by the midnight sun, it’ll never be dark completely. The autumn then fascinates with it’s colours, the winter with it’s northern lights (aurora borealis). If you take a look on the map, you’ll see that the amount of water in this area is incredible. For the flyfisherman there is almost endless possibilities for fishing pristine waters for himself alone for wild fish.  Every fisherman should however be prepared for the midges which you will encounter here. With good precaution they are only a small problem.

The fishing The Kiruna Fjäll is a paradise for flyfishermen. You can do day trips around Kiruna or make helicoper flyouts into the wild. The lakes and rivers offer finest flyfishing for Grayling, Brown Trout, Arctic Char, Salmon, Pike and Perch. All of these fish can be caught in impresive numbers and sizes. Particularly the grayling fishing with the dry fly is a class on it’s own. The buggest rod-caught grayling here measured 66cm, brownies and char grow bigger than 5kg. The biggest brownie of the 2012 season measured fantastic 89cm. The salmon fishing up here is often described as better than on Norwegian top rivers. Again in 2012 it happened that a flyangler caught a salmon of 25kg…. The flyfishing for pike and perch is seldom done by locals and therefore a secret – pike over one meter in length and perch over 1,5 kilogram shaped like footballs are nothing unusual. Besides, many rivers offer opportunities for floating down with an inflateable kayak; you are dropped off with the helicopter and after a few days you are picked-up and flown back to Kiruna. The season in the Kiruna Fjäll starts mid of June and ends end of August. The fishing area is extended during the season as snow and ice melt away. Contrary to other travel agencies which mainly offer the Kaitum-River, we are specialised on less know waters, which aren’t frequented that high. If you are out on a small river, you can be sure that during your time there won’t be anybody else. In case you prefer to fish the Kaitum, this is for sure no problem at all.

Food Dependng on what you have booked. Fullboard is included in guided Trips and you can also book this for the basic trips (see below). In case you did not book food, we will stop at a local supermarket after your arrival. The prices in Sweden are similar to the rest of Europe. Recommendable are local specialities like reindeer, moose, or – in moderation – the self-caught fish.

Accomodation Four different kinds of accomodation are possible. The first is our Sami-inspired lodge. This is particulary interesting if you make day trips from here. It offers eight double rooms, a sauna and a hot tub on the roof with a view over the Kiruna mountains. If you booked a basic or guided helicopter fly-out-trip, the last night in the lodge including a three course dinner is included in the prices. The other three possibilities are all located directly in the wilderness.
One option are Sami-cottages in the Fjäll, which normally are used by the Sami when they gather all their reindeers in autumn. They have an oven, beds and some of them even a sauna.
The second option are the so-called Lavvus, tents similar to tipis, which offer space for four to six people including their tackle. In lavvus campfires can be made or a small oven for heating in cold nights. Flyfishermen who fly-out without guide can book a lavvu optionally and get an introduction how to use it. In guided trips the guide is already on the water and has built up three lavvus – one for guests (depending on the number), one for cooking and one for himself. Guests sleep on luxurious 8cm thick madresses and warm sleeping bags.
The third option in the Fjäll are normal tents which you either bring or rent in Kiruna from us.

Important note The natural ressources in Swedish-Lapland are immense, however not inexhaustable. Every flyangler should treat them with respect. Please bring your waste back to Kiruna. Also, please kill fish only now and then for eating. Small and big fish should be released umharmed, fish in middle sizes are way better suited for a dinner. Fishing with barbless hooks should go without saying.

Travel to Kiruna In order to fly to Kiruna you normally have to change planes in Kopenhagen (DK) or Stockholm. The total travel time from Europe though is only a few hours, which means you can start fishing on the day of your arrival. Another opportunity is to take the train, however you need to have more time for this variant.

Other activities Kiruna and the Fjäll are also a destination for family holidays. While you are fishing a few days, the rest of the family can do loads of things, for example:
–       Hiking in the Kiruna area
–       Float trips on close-by rivers
–       Moose-Safaris
–       Excursions to the Icehotel, where you get insight into the Sami culture during summer
–       Excursions to the Tree-Hotel, a hotel with rooms  in the tree tops
–       Visit the architecture of Kiruna (one of the three churches here was rated as the most beautiful in Sweden)
–       Horse-back riding
–       Etc.
Please drop me an email for further information.

How to book a trip Due to the amount and variety of waters that can be fished here, it is impossible to describe all of these on this website. Therefore, the booking is done by species. If you would like to fish one week for those big grayling, you get an offer with different possible areas. The price then is determined by the number of people, how long the helicopter flight is and extras like inflateable kayaks. Three different kinds of trips are possible:

pukka LAPPLAND daytrips with / wo Helicopter Fly-Out (our Sami-inspired lodge is the base for these trips): these trips are suited e.g. for families or in case you only have little time for the fishing.

pukka LAPPLAND basic trips with Helicopter Fly-Out (one week in the wilderness on your own,  incl. Helicopter flight , last night in our Sami-inspired lodge incl. a three course dinner, fishing license, transfers in Kiruna, in-depth explanation of the fishing and the river, map of the area). These trips are for those of you who do not want / need a guide, have a smaller budget or if you want to crack the code by yourself.

pukka LAPPLAND guided Trips with Helicopter Fly-Out (the complete package with guide, different options for accomodation, fullboard, transfers in Kiruna, etc.): these trips offer all the comfort needed. Another big advantage is, the waters fished on the guided trips are only fished on guided tours. Therefore, the fishing remains as great as it is.

Prices The price of a pukka LAPPLAND trip depends on type of the trip, accomodation type, distance to the waters to be fished, number of people and extras. For each booking, you’ll receive an information package with tackle recommendations, recommended flies, etc. You only need to book your flight, shop in Kiruna (in case you did not book food service through us) and go fishing.


This is a small clip of a pukka LAPPLAND basic trip from early spring in 2012. Imagine how this looks like in summer!

pukka Lappland from pukka destinations on Vimeo.

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