pukka Russia: Salmon Season Summary 2015 for Kharlovka, Litza Rynda, Zolotaya

2015 was yet another great year for the Northern Rivers Kharlovka, Litza, Rynda and Zolotaya on the Kola peninsula.

2015 Season Review:
Following 13 weeks – there were a total of 2660 salmon.
Which is 1% up on last years strong results.
Rynda was up 12% on the 5 year average.
Combined – the Northern Rivers were up 27% on the 5 year average total catch.

Big Fish Stats:
Largest salmon was 39.6 pounds from the Barrel pool on the lower Kharlovka – Was this the largest salmon on the Kola this season?
18 great salmon larger than 30 pounds
39 greater than 25 pounds
165 over 20 pounds
477 greater than 15 pounds
36% grilse

Fantastic numbers. The number of returning guests to the Northern Rivers is high anyways, but the demand for 2016 already is high.If you also would like to fish the Northern Rivers, drop us a line asap. Fishing invitations for 2016 were sent out today, so soon we will know which rods are available for next season.

Another good news at the end: the prices of most weeks were reduced!

BTW, the biggest fish of the season, the 39.6 pounder, was caught in the last week of the season…

Kharlovka 39,6

pukka ICELAND: report hosted trip to river Thvera June 16-20 2015 and outlook 2016

The river Thvera is one of the finest salmon rivers in Iceland. This river was the first to be fished by the Brits, and clearly is one of the best salmon rivers in Iceland.
In June, a few days after the season opening on June 12th, I was hosting a group to this river. 7 rods at river Thvera as well as one on the Brennan Beat, where the river Thvera joins the glacial river Hvita. The 5 year average catch rate is one salmon / rod / day, and the opening group was landing already 15 fish. We arrived at a flooded river, luckily the river was dropping each day. On the third day we also had a spring tide which lead to a lot of fish running the river.
In the end we were landing 43 fish in 4 days of fishing, 32 salmon (75cm to 88cm) and 11 grilse. The same amount of fish we either lost or raised. Combined with Iceland’s beautiful surroundings, gourmet food and great company everybody was very happy having joined this trip.

Thverá Lunch

At river Thvera / Kjarra 2364 salmon were landed in 2015. At river Nordura 2886. At Huseyjarvisl a new record is had already; the final numbers will be somewhere over 400 salmon in 2015. At river Haukadalsa it will be more than 600 salmon, at Laxa in Leirarsveit over 1000. Catch rates at river Langa are over 2300 salmon. In other words: Iceland‘s salmon season 2015 was / still is running fantastic, and at a few rivers new catch rate records were established.
Many fish, particularly in the prime time of July and August, were grilse. Normally this means the year after is a big fish (=multi sea winter salmon) year.

Ralph Hendes-Drewes von K&HF mit Thverá-Lachs

The catch rates in 2015 and the outlook to 2016 already now lead to an increased demand for salmon rods in 2016. Please enquire as soon as possible if you want to fish for salmon in Iceland in 2016. Probably at the following rivers and dates rods become available (to be decided soon after the pre booking right of this year’s guests):
Thverá June 16-20 (4 days)
Thverá August 8-11 (3 days)
Kjarrá June 14-18 (4 opening days)
Vatnsdalsá July 8-13 (5 days)

More availabilities upon request.


Church Pool, Thverá

Frisch aufgestiegener Lachs aus der Thverá

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