Nedan lite information om hur en bokning hos oss går till. Denna sida finns än så länge tyvärr bara på engelska.

On this page we’d like to take the chance to give you, our client, a transparent insight into what happens throughout the booking process at pukka destinations. Our highest ambition it is that you as a customer return happy and safe from your trip. If we meet or better exceed your expectations we think we have reached these objectives. Our booking procedure threfore is aligned for continuous communication and giving you the feeling you are well taken care of. Transparency and quality waters / destinations are the basis for this.

The first step in a booking is the contact through you. Often this happens through eMail and we try to give you an answer as soon as possible, or give you a call if you prefer that. Directly afterwards we normally ask for your personal preferences (which species do you want to catch?, number of fishermen in the trip, etc.), in order to create a first offer according to your needs. The duration of this step may vary depending on when your request came in (availabilities of waters) and your personal preferences. However, we always strive to send you information as soon as possible as well. In case this is not possible we keep you posted about the status and the progress. The offer itself then included a detailed description, information about travel components, itinery and a price. The price will be the same you would have to pay in your destination itself. Depending on how you like the first offer, we refine it until you finally agree in written form.
After receiving your booking you get a confirmation package from us. This includes the invoice, booking confirmation and – most importantly – a certificate of our travel operators bond (this is the same as ATOL in the UK). Before you do not get this certificate, you are not allowed to transfer any money to us (and we do not want you to do it). After this official part we are  of course always available for questions regarding flies, tackle recommendations etc. After each booking we recommend to book a travel cancellation insurance. In due time of your trip you will receive your detailed pre-trip information document. This includes everything you need to know for your trip, like the detailed itinery, emergency numbers, etc. This naturally is not the end of our service, you may always contact us if there are any more questions. After your trip we contact you asking about your trip and how you liked it. This part is an important part for us as we always strive for high quality and making our service better if possible.
We wish you a fantastic trip and hope you’ll experience some touching and unforgettable fishing moments with our help.