RISE-review and Season’s beginning in Iceland

It’s bee a while since my last post here. The last weeks have been quite busy for me (us) with the RISE Flyfishing Film Festival in the german-speaking region as well as enquiries for Iceland and Lapland in parallel.
Being a RISE sponsor and host of the German shows it was planned that I’ll be in eight cities in order to present RISE and have a chat with clients. Unfortunately this was not possible on compassionate grounds, except for the first two shows in Kiel and Hamburg. 200 flyfishermen in the foyer of Hamburg’s Passage cinema were an awesome sight, and I’m sure it was quite special for the cinema staff as well. Feedback of the guests has been overwhelming and I’ll try to be in the other German cities in 2014.

In two weeks from now on the new season is going to start in Iceland. We are ready and are looking forward to the first day’s reports. My personal focus is on the Húseyjarkvísl and it’s big spring seatrout (springers). Fishing for these bright, fat and silvery fish… Hope I’ll be able to report soon with pics like the one attached.

Have an amazing season 2013 with many great moments on the water!

pukka Iceland: Salmon fishing in Vatnsdalsá, Haukadalsá, Húseyjarkvísl in 2013

The fising season in Iceland started on April 1st. “Our” rivers as Húseyjarkvísl, Litlá, etc. did very well as in the past years. 24 fish were caught on the Húseyjarkvísl on the first day of fishing with 3 rods, on Litlá more than 90 fish were caught with 5 rods. Brown trout and sea-run brown trout reached lengths up to more than 70cm. Regarding trout fishing everything looks very promising this year. The rivers in our portfolio are booked heavily, but here and there some rods are still free. info@pukka-destinations for details. Besides trout fishing there’s for sure salmon fishing on Iceland as well, which is one of the best and most desired ones in the world of flyfishing. With our contacts we are able to get access to most of the Icelandic salmon waters, as well in prime-time. This post will cover three of those salmon rivers which can highly be recommended: the Vatnsdalsá, Haukadalsá and the Húseyjarkvísl.
We can offer rods on Vatnsdalsá due to cancellations in one of the most desired weeks, from August 8th to August 15th. This is 7 days of prime-salmon fishing including fullboard accomodation in a first-class lodge, guiding by the best Icelandic salmon guides, transfers and pick-ups in Iceland. This week normally is not available because it is steadily booked years in advance. You have the option to share rods as well as book time slots of 3 to 7 of duration. The 5-year-average of this week is 61 fish averaging 4 kilograms in weight.
The Haukadalsá is yet another example of Iceland’s great salmon rivers. It was leased many years to Swiss people, which fished it by themselves and with their friends. From 2013 onwards the river has new leaseholders, which renovated the lodge for this year. 5 year average is 894 salmon per year on the 5 rods. Available dates in 2013 (1-5 rods are left):

  • June 20th to June 23rd
  • July 11th to July 14th (can be combined with Húseyjarkvíslfrom 8.7. – 11-7.)
  • August 26th to August 28th

The Húseyjarkvísl – one of our preferred rivers and in our opinion the river offering the best value for money in Iceland for good salmon fishing. If you prefer to fish with light tackle and hitch tubes for multi-seawinter-salmon, this is your river. As a reminder: 208 salmon are caught in 5-year-avarage on 2-3 rods. 1 -2 rods are available on the following dates:

  • July 8th – July 11th (can be combined perfectly with Haukadalsá from 11. – 14.7.)
  • July 29th – August 1st
  • August 1st – August 3rd
  • August 3rd – August 5th
  • August 5th – August 8th
  • August 17th – August 20th

More Information through contact; finally one nice picture of a huge salmon from Vatnsdalsá.

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